Did you know that skin conditions often signal problems inside your body?  Poor eating habits and meal preparation are common among seniors, especially those living and eating alone.  Turns out that under-nourished and malnourishment are leading causes of poor healing on the inside and out.

Here are seven recommendations for combating malnourishment:

  • Exercise to increase appetite and strengthen muscles and bones.
  • Make meals special with themes for the meal or dining out or having a ‘picnic.’
  • Order take out or home delivered meals. How about the home delivery meal kits, hot meals from local stores or Meals on Wheels.
  • Plan ahead with meal plans and grocery lists. Recruit trusted family and friends to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables and dairy products for meal preparation.
  • Track medication interactions. Listen for upset stomach and other complaints that could reduce your loved one’s appetite.
  • Get on the scale. Be sure to track your loved one’s weight looking for sudden weight gains or loss and long-term weight changes. Report all changes to your health care provider.
  • Who, what and when are you eating? Dieticians recommend keeping a food diary to track meals, snacks and water intake.  Dehydration is often overlooked but can cause major health problems and emergency department visit.

In fact, we created this #CreditForCaring eating bundle contains helpful tools for seniors and caregivers for restore the pleasure to breaking bread together.  Credit For Caring aims to recover some of your personal time and energy with our care management tools and resources. We believe that preserving human dignity and independence rank as the highest human aspiration despite any physical limitations that beset us. Our healthcare team believes in proactive planning for life’s what if’s.

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