Wheelchair Accessories Bundle


Medicare and Medicaid pay for wheelchairs when prescribed by a physician.

Wheelchairs are essential for many people to move about at home and outdoors.

This product bundle has the most requested wheelchair accessories.

In fact, many of these items are not paid for by insurance.

Lastly, purchasing these products from Walgreens and Amazon will cost you 66% more than our price

Cup Holder for Wheelchairs

Wheelchair Anti-Fold / Anti-Theft Devices

Side Bags

Medline Wheelchair Handles

Tray Cup Holder for Wheelchair

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Like our cars, wheelchairs need customized gadgets and tools.

This bundle has what you need to make a wheelchair ready to go.

In fact, the cup holder, tray and other accessories extend a user’s ability to perform many Activities of Daily Living with ease.

The security bar reduces the risk of theft and bring peace of mind.

Lastly, this bundle is 66% cheaper than purchasing these items at retail stores.

Great holiday gifts!