Walker Bundle


Seniors use walkers to increase their independence getting around at home and in the community.

Reduce your social isolation with this walker product bundle.

In fact, this bundle includes all of the accessories requested by our customers.

Purchasing these products from Walgreens and Amazon will cost you 33% more than our price.



Two-Button Folding Walkers with 5 inch Wheels

Rollator Cup and Cane Holder

Wire Walker Basket

Walker Caddy

Ski Gliders for Walkers

Walker Reacher Bag

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Lean On Me is the Walker theme song.

This walker bundle does more than just help to steady one’s walk, it has many gadgets as well.

The bag attachment can hold a pistol grip reacher, umbrella or any other item leaving your hands free to concentrate of walking.

Additionally, the cup holder, basket and tray attachments are great for meal preparation, household tasks and hobbies.

In fact, caregivers love this bundle for the joy and independence it brings back to their loved one.

Lastly, you save big with this bundle.  Buy it today at 33% off of retail pricing.

Additional information

Two-Button Folding Walkers with 5 inch Wheels

Weight 10.0 lbs

Rollator Cup and Cane Holder

Weight 5.1 lbs

Ski Gliders for Walkers

Weight N/A
Bulk Quantity