Wolfman Jack on the radio and your date snuggled beside you.  Cruising the strip on a Friday night felt like the world was all yours.  Fast forward to the days of your growing family packed in the single family car off for the Sunday drive.  This is the America many of our loved ones of the Silent Generation and early Boomers remember with fondness.

People with memory disorders respond well to looking back on the ‘good old days’ known as reminiscence therapy.  In fact, taking a drive to familiar places is so satisfying since it conquers up the sights, sound, smells of days gone by.  “Rewinding” a loved one back to these memories increase their engagement not just with the past but also with you in the present as you discuss these happy times.  The popularity of reminiscence therapy is growing rapidly as more people suffer from dementia.  Your Sunday drive is your own personal therapy time.

Many of our loved ones have difficulty getting in and out of the car.  Many caregivers are anxious that a day out could lead injury or other situations difficult to manage outside of the home.  We developed this #CreditForCaring car safety bundle with these thoughts in mind.

Credit For Caring aims to recover some of your personal time and energy with our care management tools and resources. We believe that preserving human dignity and independence rank as the highest human aspiration despite any physical limitations that beset us. Our healthcare team believes in proactive planning for life’s what if’s.

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