We Need a Tipping Point

Here is what I am seeing today:

  • Our care systems are exhausted and over-burdened. Our first responders and healthcare professionals are breaking from Post-Traumatic Stress Disease.
  • Parents anxious to bring normalcy back to their home weigh the cost benefits of sending the kids back to school.
  • Social isolation to guard against the virus, create mental health risks of many people living alone or in unsafe conditions.
  • Work validates us. Full Stop.  Increasing and persistent unemployment is soaring and destroying our communities.
  • The fundamental needs of food, shelter, and safety are slipping away behind closed doors.
  • A child’s mind cannot grasp all the complex changes they are experiencing. Time will reveal what this moment will imprint on them and carry throughout their lives.
  • Canceling festivals, concerts, sporting events, while necessary, is dulling our collective zest for life.
  • Holiday celebrations reinforce our values and remind us of our shared histories. Birthday, anniversaries, religious holidays, and many markers of time are passing silently which can loosen our connections.
  • Natural disasters, though unexpected and tragic, reveal the selfless sacrifice of people who run toward the crisis and serve our vulnerable people now must reconsider how safe these rescues may be.
  • In addition, many people facing natural disasters are feeling very unprepared to face one more crisis.

Join me to create a Tipping Point

I certainly don’t have the answers to these complex problems.  In fact, no one alone has the magic bullet to restore ‘normal’ life.  I am asking that we pull together to get to the Tipping Point.  We know what we need to do.

  • Wear a mask

  • Wash hands vigorously and often

  • Maintain social distancing

  • Do not gather in groups of 10 or more

  • Get out in fresh air

Do WE have the will to get to a Tipping Point?

I believe so.  Please join me in fighting back against the virus and reclaiming our communities.

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