Water restores us in its many forms from drinking a glass of water to submerging in a warm bath.  Unfortunately, water can also be a hazard causing many falls, especially in the bathroom. We believe that bathroom safety is essential for aging in place.  Here are our top five recommendations for creating a safe bathroom.

  1. Prevent the fall, Prevent the call.  Bathroom surfaces become slippery when water mixes with soaps and shampoos.  This fix is quick and easy.   Clean and dry the floor and install anti-slip treads and grab bars.  The same goes for bathroom rugs, be sure to use ones with a non-slip, high grip backing.
  2. Sit down and take it slow. All our bathing, toileting and grooming activities are safest when done sitting down.  We recommend using raised toilet seats with arm rests and tub and shower chairs or benches.
  3. Light it up! Install motion detection lights to reduce the chance of bumping in the dark.  Lighting is a quick and simple step for nighttime bathroom safety.
  4. Privacy please. Let’s be honest, bathroom duties are some of the most personal daily tasks we do.  We believe in maximizing a person’s independence and dignity while balancing it with safety.  Check out the array of call buttons and communication systems that are inexpensive and easy to use.
  5. Assistance needed. Transferring from the tub, shower or toilet requires the skills of Houdini at times.  Caregivers benefit from the safe environment as much as the senior for whom they care.  The grab bars, non-slip surfaces, lighting, handheld shower wand and all the other bathroom safety tools are must haves for safety.
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