Caregiving Podcast Series: It Takes a Team to Care, Episode Five – Working with your Health Care Team

Listen to the inspiring podcast series with Chris MacLelland Whole Care Network and Monica Stynchula REUNIONCare to discuss why it takes a team to care. Uniting patients, families and care professionals is critical to finding solutions while in the midst of Caregiving.  In this episode our experts discuss the importance of care management and coordination of services to help maximize positive outcomes for everyone.

Chronic Care Management, Who Pays for What?

Many believe that  Medicare is going to cover all the health care costs after age 65. The reality is health care costs can eat up 20 percent of a person’s Social Security check just for copays and deductibles.  Moreover, many chronic conditions that impact our daily lives fall to the family caregivers to manage. In fact, the majority of people over age sixty five live with two to four chronic health conditions.

Monica and Christopher discuss how to work with your doctor to get the right care.  Doing so can save on days in the hospital, medication errors and physical harm to a loved one.

Lastly, this is one episode in the series “It Takes a Team to Care.”