Greetings to you,

I hope this message finds you well.  No doubt, these are the most trying times for all of us both personally and professionally. Like you, I wish to turn back the clock to last year when life was ‘normal.’

Many of you are first time customers at CreditForCaring, The Caring App, and we thank you for your business.  Unfortunately, our first encounter may have ended in disappointment if you ordered between January and March of 2020.

You see, we sell Medline Industries products.  We chose to partner with Medline as they are a highly ethical, socially responsible and privately held company that has been around for a century.  In fact, Medline has always been owned by the Mills Family.  Medline has been responding to COVID-19 by restricting the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) they have for the hospitals and nursing homes that are on the front lines treating the most severe cases of the virus.

Our access to Medline’s inventory is dynamic right now.  Our formulary listing may indicate that products are available when, in fact, they have been designated for allocation without our knowledge. That is why many of you have been able to place orders on our site only to have a refund made when we discover that the stock is unavailable.  Our team is doing their best to remain current on the product changes, but it is a moving target.

We are looking forward to filling your orders as soon as the critical care demand has been stabilized.  I can assure we are in constant communication with Medline.  They are working 24/7 to adjust their USA manufacturing to produce PPE in plants that otherwise are making other products.

In the meantime, know that all of our other products remain in stock.  Please keep checking our site for all your incontinence, home safety, over the counter drugs, mobility and medical care monitoring needs.  We are here for you.  Please follow up on our newsletter.

Stay Safe, Stay Home,


Monica Stynchula, MSW, MPH